Freund’s Farm

Since the Freund Family began farming in 1949, they have made East Canaan a more sustainable and friendly place. The Freund’s are known for their invention of CowPots and their high tech dairy cattle facility. Now with three generations, work on the farm to help make their world a better place. With their farm stand, tours, giftshop, and specialty foods, they show people from all corners of the Northeast that agriculture is not just an occupation, it is a passion. New England has always been known for beautiful dairy farms. Freund's Farm has always been full of sustainable practices and the cowpot us a good example of how much sustainability means to your farm. Your farm’s emphasis on environmental stewardship should be followed by every dairy farm in order to benefit future generations like you have always done. The innovative work in no till, biogas, and alternative energy make Freund’s Farm, a farm of the future. Visit their farm's website.