The 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm

Connecting youth to agriculture is perhaps the best thing we can do for future generations. Educating people with hands-on skills in the fields of agriculture, natural resources, nutrition, and animal welfare will only benefit all. The 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm does this everyday. Giving students capabilities beyond their wildest dreams they embrace the 4-H method of education and enable young people to connect with nature. It is true that no one can be a master of anything without years and continuous hours of practice. Learning is the most important aspect of growing oneself and the best time to do that is at a young age. Auerfarm’s emphasis on youth and public engagement to bring agriculture to not only the classroom but straight from the field has put this on the map for agricultural education. The innovative work within hands-on learning is helping develop people’s minds and making a healthy impact on their lives. The initiatives to promote sustainable agriculture and youth development help bring the essence of 4-H into the world. Visit their farm's website.