Meet the Farmers

Connecticut’s producers have always been gifted with a beneficial climate for growing crops and raising livestock. We have seen subsistence farming move towards larger production methods to meet the demands of a growing population. However, in recent years agriculture in the Nutmeg State is moving back towards a smaller more localized system.Recently in previous decades agriculture has been moving towards a local more sustainable food supply while organizations look into animal welfare and the large use of pesticides on our nation's food agricultural industry. People have begun to ask questions in regards to safety, quality, and sustainability. Regardless of how we may view modern agriculture, Connecticut’s producers used the time of questioning to change. As a small state wedged in between the bustling suburbs of New York City and Boston, many of Connecticut’s producers took on the local food movement willingly and used it to their economic advantage. Community Supported Agriculture programs sprang up in every corner of the State from Woodbury to Woodstock and all the valleys and hills in between. Farmers markets became a weekend destination for residents as a way to connect our producers and consumers through nutritious, fresh, and locally grown food being sold. In the decade between 2002 and 2012 the number of farms in Connecticut grew by over 40%!Yet with all of these markets and programs, producing millions of pounds of goods, Connecticut still produces less than %5 of its food supply. But we can change that.