Overall, our purpose is to establish a knowledge base of what producers in Connecticut agriculture provide so that consumers can connect to agriculture and make a fact based opinion about Connecticut farms and farmers and the food they put on their plate. This film is for the consumer, but also for the farmers as it will help build a bridge between various industries within agriculture that we see less conversation happening.

If we can successfully market and advertise this project on the basis of agricultural innovation and diversity we can showcase the best and the brightest this industry has to offer, while breaking the common stereotypes around farms and farming. To answer the question of “where does my food come from?” is without a doubt the most important part in our project. Agriculture has deep roots in Connecticut and it is important for all who live here to see what an impact it has on the economy, environment, and produce we all use everyday. There are three main industry aspects we want to focus on, those being; (1) Consumer reconnect (2) Sustainability within the industry, and (3) Uncommon commodities within the state.